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cocktail making classes

Cocktail Making

Cocktail Making Classes. Learn How To Make Cocktails

cocktail making classes

Cocktail Making Classes

Perfect event for your hen Party, Birthday, Girls Night Out or Work Night Out



All of the cocktail classes that we organise are fun and interactive. The cocktail Master class packages differ depending on the town and venue you select but no matter which one cocktail making classesyou choose you will have a lot of fun making cocktails and of course drinking them.


You will learn about the worlds finest cocktails and how to mix your favourites. Making some of the classic cocktails is an art form and in these cocktail classes you will learn how the expert bartenders make and serve the cocktails. Although it may look as if a mixologist simply throws ingredients in a glass and out comes a cocktail, it is not just as simple as that. In these classes you will impress your friends at the next cocktail party you have as you make a Martini, build a Bellini and flirt with a flirtini


MyCocktailMasterclass have been organising cocktail making classes for years and get fantastic feedback for the 1000's of groups who have booked through us


What is Involved?

The cocktail class packages we offer vary but typically a cocktail making class will last about one and a half hours. Each guest in the group would receive a welcome drink. Then after the mixologist has introduced him/herself the class really gets going with the bartender explaining a bit about cocktails in general before demonstrating how a cocktail is made.  The it is your turn to make the cocktails before drinking your creations. During the session you will typically play a few cocktail games and sample other cocktails that the cocktail making classesmixologist has made


Celebrate Any Occasion

The amazing thing about cocktail making classes is that they are suitable for just about anyone over the age of 18 and great for any occasion. If you are looking for something different for your Hen party then why not surprise the bride but organising one of the cocktail classes. Or celebrate your birthday by making cocktails with a group of your friends. If you are thinking about a stag night or even a work night out for team building or just fun then cocktail making classes are an unusual way to have fun.


If you have been put in charge of planning a hen party, stag party or a birthday get in touch for more information. We are sure you wont be disappointed and will have a fun evening and a bit more knowledge about making your own cocktails.


Cocktail Making Tips

When you are shaking cocktails make sure you hold the cocktail shaker firmly and have dry hands. Otherwise you might find the contents of your cocktail are on the floor instead of in the glass.


Use the correct glass for the cocktail you are making. Can you imagine drinking a French Martini out of a pint glass ..... It somehow wouldn't be right would it