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cocktail making classes

Cocktail Making


Cocktail Making Class


cocktail making class

 Cocktail Lessons


Learn how to Make cocktails


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Cocktail Masterclass - Cocktail Making - Cocktail Class - Rum Cocktail Clinic - Rum Cocktail Lessons  - Cocktail Making Class - Hen Party - Girls Night

cocktail making classes 

cocktail masterclass class

When enquiring ref: YTAIL


Fun and Interactive Cocktail Masterclass


Where - When enquiring ref: YTAIL


What is included in the price


*Options and Price -  (see below for full details of the options)


Option 1 Cocktail class with individual food plate £20 per person

Option 2 Cocktail class plus Buffet £25 per person

Option 3 Cocktail class with 2 course meal £28 per person

Option 4 Cocktail class with 3 course meal £30 per person


What is included in your masterclass (may vary)

- This class is for your group only …. You will not be sharing the class with another group

- The class lasts between one and one and a half hours

- Each participant gets a fun and interactive cocktail making class and buffet lasting 1 to 1½ Hours

- You start with a glass of Prosecco on arrival

- You then each get to make and of course drink 2 cocktails

- To finish it all you get a Jaeger Bomb Rally

- Then choose your food option above to go alongside the masterclass



cocktail masterclass class

When enquiring ref: YTAIL


Terms and Conditions - please read MyCocktailMasterclass terms and conditions here and also refer to the venues terms and conditions on their web site


*Prices and package content may vary in some towns